Description Radiator hoses are vital components to your car's engine cooling system. Attached to the car’s engine and radiator, they cool the engine by carrying coolant through it and absorbing the excess heat generated. The coolant then completes the cycle and returns to the radiator itself to release this heat through the cooling fins, before continuing the cycle again. This simple cycle is the fundamental process that stops your car from overheating. There are two radiator hoses in your engine. They are often referred to as the ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ hose, or the ‘inlet’ or ‘outlet’ hose. The inlet or top hose feeds the coolant from your engine to your radiator after it been through your engine block and is now hot. Conversely, the outlet or bottom hose feeds the now cool again coolant back into your engine from your radiator. ? If your radiators hoses have failed they will certainly leak the coolant all over your engine as well as cause your engine to overheat. This is both dangerous and very expensive to repair, so it is very important to inspect and replace your radiator hoses immediately at a skilled service center. As with all our parts, Mchanix uses high quality materials such as high grade synthetic rubber and rayon fiber reinforcement in our premium quality radiator hoses, to ensure effective engine cooling and vehicle safety.


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